Detech New Monitored Additions

DeTech’s fire protection has already reached legendary status in the world of home fire safety.  DeTech is one of the few companies that offers free and complete educational programs for individual families, businesses and clubs or civic groups, but DeTech is the only company that can boast of a perfect life-safety record.  That’s right!  Zero recorded deaths or injuries in homes protected with their high-quality fire protection.

 For many companies, that lofty status would be enough, but not DeTech.  DeTech is now taking on new fields to excel in.  A few years ago, they added the medical alert and panic button with options such as extended coverage area, motion sensors and refrigerator door sensors, so you would be alerted if someone was not moving around in their home.  Along with the medical alert button, this gives more options to the elderly without being burdened by a pendant all the time.  DeTech has a unique policy of adding all additional attachments for just one low monthly fee.  And the lowest fee we know of at that!

 Well, now DeTech has added some new products to help homeowners protect their property while they are gone.  It is the perfect protection for snowbirds.  DeTech’s Vice President, Bill Driscoll said in an interview, “We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the fire safety field and will continue to focus there, as life safety is our real passion at DeTech.  Many of our customers have asked for additional property protection and we are excited to announce that we can now offer water and freeze sensors to alert homeowners of a faulty furnace or water problem in their homes while they are gone.  For our existing customers, this is an easy add-on and we can do this with no extra monthly fees.”

 The DeTech water sensors can be placed anywhere in the home and are triggered as soon as water contacts the sensor.  The logical place in most homes is in the basement, near the sump-pump or near a water heater.  The freeze sensors alert the homeowner if the temperature falls below 43 degrees Fahrenheit.  Both are wireless technology, so installation is only a matter of minutes for existing customers and very simple for new customers.  Driscoll also added, “These additions can even be set up to call the homeowners cell phone instead of being monitored.  That can be a great savings over any competitor, since you would not have to pay monthly fees.”

 These days there are many vacant homes that this may make sense to install until the home is sold.  With DeTech that is a possibility worth considering since the entire system is wireless and portable.

 DeTech now has its affordable high-quality protection systems designed for homes and families, pets, elderly, businesses, and now, second homes.

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